Our journey starts from the city of Kozani, within Egnatia road from Kozani to Ioannina and then, entering A2 / E90 high street towards Grevena / Siatista. Follow the exit to Siatista and drive on Bara-Siatista road in order to arrive at the beautiful town of Siatista further on.

 Stroll around the picturesque narrow streets to get a glance of the nicest mansions of North Greece built in the traditional Macedonian architecture style, the post-Byzantine churches, the Botanic and the Church Museum of the town.

If you want to stay overnight, there are hotels and traditional guesthouses.

Search for quality and traditional food such as ‘palio’ that is, grilled lamb ribs, ‘zigouri’ lamb, fried pork slices or ‘tigania’, ‘souvlaki’, goat on the casserole, and don’t forget to taste the famous local wine, which called “liasto”. Discover the secrets of wine-making and visit the local wineries and traditional cellars. Learn about the production process, taste fine and aromatic wines and do your shopping. Don’t forget though, to stop by the shops and workshops of leather and fur, the excellent quality and the great variety of which, have made the town of Siatista famous for its leather and fur production all over the world. Continue your trip on the way to the north to meet the historic village of Eratira, built on the slopes of Askio Mountain.

 Visit the traditional mansions of Eratira, remnants of the glorious past of Macedonian architecture and look for the Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches of the village. There are many restaurants in the village where you can taste different varieties of local cheese, the famous ‘kichia’ (local pies) and meat dishes cooked according to local recipes. Leaving Eratira behind, follow the way to the north, in order to arrive at the village of Sisani, famous for its beans. There, you can enjoy the view from the new artificial lake as well. Leaving the village of Sisani you will come across the village of Vlasti, a settlement of unique beauty, known for its dairy products. Walk on the cobbled paving and get a glance of its restored mansions. Visit the historic monasteries of St. Markos, St. Nicolas and the church of St. Dimitrios. In the village center, look around for coffee-bars, restaurants, traditional coffee-shops, grocery stores and many traditional guesthouses of great aesthetics.

 Our route continues to Ptolemaida, a modern industrial city with the biggest reserves of lignite in Greece. Visit the Anthropological - Folklore Museum and the old aqueduct.

Return to Kozani where you can travel back in time in the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Local History, the Museum of History and Folklore, and the preserved Lassanis and Vourkas mansions. At the Central square you can enjoy your coffee and taste local dishes like ‘giaprakia’, pies, ‘kichia’ etc. in the surrounding restaurants.