The 83 km distance route starts from the city of Alexandria accessed by the Egnatia Motorway, and follows a cyclic course. By car, you will need 1 hour and 50 minutes (non-stop).

This round-the-year route applies to visitors with cultural interests, gastrotourists and ecotourists, who can go hiking, biking and bird-watching.

 During spring, if you find yourself on the way from Alexandria to Veria you will be amazed by the scenery of the blossoming peach trees.

 Taste fried pork slices, fresh meat coming from hunting, ‘sarma’, local wine, ‘tsipouro’ and ‘batzos’ cheese.

 Visit the site ‘St. Paul’s Altar’, the picturesque districts of the city of Veria and the Museum of Education in the village ‘St. Barbara’ next to Veria. Also, you can have a stop at the dam of the river Aliakmon for coffee and leisure activities.

 Don’t forget to stop by the village ‘Metochi Prodromou’ and the surrounding vineyards which are open to the public and offer a marvelous view towards the dam. Afterwards, you can visit the area of Vergina- the ancient city of ‘Aiges’ (you will definitely need a tour guide for the archaeological sites) featuring the well-preserved tomb of King Philip the Second.

 If you find yourselves in the village Meliki on the 21st of May, you will have the chance to attend the well-known festival of the custom of ‘Anastenaridon’. In the village of ‘Kipseli’ don’t forget to visit the monastery of St. Athanasios ‘Sfinitsis’. You can end your journey in the town of Alexandria. If you happen to be there during September-October, you can join the festival ‘Giorti tis Pitas’ (festival of pies).

Taste local dishes such as ‘zigouri’ lamb, ‘batzos’ cheese, boar, fried slices of various types of meat or else ‘tigania’, ‘fasoulotavas’, ‘sarma’, ‘hasapiko’ and other grill dishes, in Veria, Asomata, Ammos, Vergina, Neokastro, Neos Prodromos and Alexandria. In the meanwhile, you can stay in hotels, agrotourism facilities or traditional guesthouses in Veria, Asomata, Metochi Prodromou, Vergina and Alexandria.

 It is a good chance to go bird-watching in the area RAMSAR (St. Nicolas park).