The itinerary starts from the city of Kozani. Follow the Ionia and Ioakim Lioulia street to arrive at the village of Krokos, also famous for the krokos (saffron) flower that is produced since the 17th century retaining its particular flavor, pigment and medicinal properties.

Visit the Forced Cooperative of Krokos Producers where you will be informed about the production process of krokos and you will be provided with a few grams of the krokos ‘gold’ from the soil of Kozani.

Our route continues southwest.

Go through the villages of Ano and Kato Komi, Kipos and Kesaria in order to meet the village of Aiani, one of the most important Byzantine and post-Byzantine settlements in the region. Don’t forget to visit the Archaeological Museum of Aiani. Aiani is well known in the region for its grills and local food. It is a meeting place for food-lovers.

 Leaving the village of Aiani behind, we go east. Our next stop is the village of Mikrovalto, where, on the east part of the village you will come across ‘Boucharia’, an impressive geological phenomenon unique in Greece revealing the artistic brushstrokes of nature. After Mikrovalto, we arrive at Servia, a town between the river Aliakmon and the foothills of the Pierian Mountains. Climb to the Castle of Servia where apart from the ruins of the Byzantine church and the stone-built arch bridge that connects the Byzantine hill with the contemporary town, you can enjoy a walk on the stone path and get a magnificent view of the fertile valley up to the lake of Polifito.

 If you like adventure and hiking, cross both the big and the small gorges of Servia and admire the ‘sculptures’ of the nature.

Starting from Servia, take the country road to ‘Velventos’. Having traveled about 15km you will meet the beautiful town of Velventos featuring lots of canals and parks, numbering more than 50 churches and chapels and many magnificent peach-tree fields.

Visit the folklore museum and admire the Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches.

 Hike to find the waterfalls of ‘Skepasmeno’, 3km northeast of Velventos. Of course, you cannot leave Velventos without visiting the cellars and wineries that are open to visitors.

 In case all the above has made you feel hungry, the local taverns will satisfy every single whim and appetite of yours as you can buy a variety of homemade jams and candied fruits from the local women producers’ association units.

 Our next stop is the village of Neraida, a tourist destination with spectacular view, built on the top of the hill, exactly above the High Bridge of Servia. Its privileged location attracts many visitors 12 months a year.

 Our journey ends in Kozani, where you can travel back in time in the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Local History, the Museum of History and Folklore, and the preserved Lassanis and Vourkas mansions. In the city square you can enjoy your coffee and taste local dishes like ‘giaprakia’, pies, ‘kichia’ etc. in the surrounding restaurants.