Take a tour and enjoy local flavors accompanied by unique wines. The route answers to the call of tourists with archaeological and natural interests, particularly during spring and summer.

 Head for the provincial Ptolemaida-Aminteo road. The town of Aminteo is famous for its vineyards and its wines. Don’t forget to visit the old churches and the folklore museum.

 Search for open wineries that are there to lead you and introduce you to the world of wine.

 Leaving Aminteo, head for Agios Panteleimon where vineyards grow in fields surrounding the banks of the lake. Visit the city dating back to the Hellenistic period, the traditional mill and museum of wine-making heritage. Make a stop at the workshop that produces and offers peppers of different types for sell. In the taverns, along with great wine you will taste fresh fish from the lake and ‘Florina peppers’.

 Our journey continues to the village of Xino Nero which got its name from the sour and fizzy taste of the local water.

 At the gourmet local restaurants, you can taste traditional local dishes, such as ‘aivar’, meatballs ‘sout makalo’ and cannelloni dipped in sauce from Florina peppers.

 Then continue till you reach the village of Aetos. Rush to the Information Center of ‘Arcturos’ bear sanctuary. In the village of Agrapidia you can also see shelters for wolves.

 Leaving Aetos back, take the uphill road that will lead you to the picturesque village of Nimpheo, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages of Macedonia and of the whole country, and the second most beautiful in Europe.

You can go hiking, cycling and horse-riding on suggested trails

inside the forest. In the village, you can visit the exemplary Club

of Horse-Riding and the brown bear sanctuary.

 Follow the main road and head for the village of Sklithro, a picturesque village in a green landscape, famous for its potatoes. There is an oak forest which is within walking distance from the village. n the area there is a great gourmet restaurant that will pleasantly surprise you with its culinary creations.

 Finally, move to the city of Florina. On your way to Florina, you will pass by the villages of Kelli and Vevi.