The 70 km route starts from the city of Veria and lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes (non-stop, clear weather). It is the ideal journey for ecotourists, gastrotourists and climbers offering opportunities for cycling, hiking, fishing and climbing any time of the year.

 Don’t forget to visit ‘St. Paul’s Altar’, the ‘Barbouta’ district, old city area Kyriotissa, the Jewish quarter, the cobbled paths of the city, the Museums of the city of Veria and the Museum of Education in the village of Agia Barbara.

 Also, make a stop at the dam of Aliakmon river and then visit the monasteries of ‘Timios Prodromos’ and ‘Moutsiali’ at the edge of the Pierian Mountains and enjoy the lovely view towards the river. Of exceptional interest are the chapels (St. Georgios and St. Dimitrios) in the village of Sfikia.

 In the village of Rizomata, you can see Paleokastro, designated as a Natural Heritage Monument.

 You can find hotels, traditional guesthouses and agrotourism facilities in Veria, Asomata, the dam of Aliakmon river, Ammos, Sfikia and Rizomata. Also, you can taste local dishes such as ‘batzos’ cheese, ‘tsipouro’, various meat dishes, ‘hasapiko’, meatballs of Rizomata, pies and grills.

 On the way to the village of Daskio, don’t forget to visit the lake of Logka, the stone-built harbor, where you can have a picnic by the river and enjoy the lovely view towards the river.

 In the broader region of the villages in the Pierian Mountains, you can get first-hand experience of festivals accompanied by the music of bagpipes, the ‘burning of the cedar tree’ at Christmas and other events during the carnival.