The route starts from the city of Ágios Nikólaos and takes the Ágios Nikólaos - Elounda provincial road, and after approximately 10km leads you to Elounda, the world famous tourist resort that sports luxury hotels, countless tavernas, restaurants, traditional cafés, recreational areas and a natural landscape of incomparable beauty.

 Heading east and leaving the channel behind, take the dirt road and go downhill on foot to reach the beach of Kolokýtha with its green-blue waters; it is the destination of thousands of visitors. From Eloúnda go north and after 5km by the sea, you will reach the traditional fishing village of Pláka, where you shouldn’t miss the chance to stop for food: fresh fish is on the menu. Don’t forget to visit Spinalonga on a small boat either from Eloúnda or from Pláka. It is a visit that is definitely worth your while in more ways than one.

 For those who want to dedicate time to yourself can enjoy spa services, and if you love golf, you also have the opportunity to practice your hobby into a small eight-hole golf hotel in the area. In the taverns will find traditional Cretan dishes and fresh fish cooked in a special way. Remember that in July organized seafood nights with plenty of fish at the tables and the wine and “Raki” in abundance.

Going uphill and after a short while you will come across the settlement of Vrouchás and within less than 5km you will reach the next settlement, that of Sélles, where you should definitely see the renovated factory (an old oil press). Carry on and go through the settlements of Káto Loúma and Epáno Loúma, where you may see windmills, old oil presses and cisterns.

Our next stop is Skiniás with its cobblestone beaches in Vlichádia and Ágios Antónios “Sfouggarás” -ideal for swimming and fishing.

 The route continues westbound to Neápoli, while before Karýdi you should stop and visit Moní Aretíou, the famous monastery that resembles a small fortified town. The tour will take you to an oil press, a wine press and a creamery. Going straight from Karýdi, you will come up to Doriés with the monastery of Ágios Konstantínos and Eléni that sports important works of high religious and artistic value. Moving on southbound, you will overlook Fourní. At the right turn, below the road, you are bound to be awestricken by the impressive mylótopos of Crete, with 13 mills in a row.

A visit to Agía Ánna, Moní Kerapolítissas, Moní Kerámou and the small folklore museum is an absolute must. The route continues southbound and at a distance of approximately 5km, you will go pass the village of Nikithianó, where you may see old windmills and then carry on towards Neápoli with its old manors, the picturesque alleyways, the ottoman fountains, the municipal garden and the central square with the Great church. Don’t forget to visit the Folklore Museum and the Neápoli archaeological collection, the house of Roússos Koúndouros, as well as the archaeological site of Dríros at a mere 2km east of Neápoli.

Ask to be served soumáda, the local refreshment, browse the local shops for thyme honey, amygdalotá, dairy products, rakí and wine. The tavernas and rakí shops are all gathered around the square, where you will taste food and mezés of incomparable quality. Go back to Nikithianó and from there take the old Ágios Nikólaos - Heráklion national road to Ágios Nikólaos, the route’s end point.