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Zakynthos, the beauty of Inspiration for Creativity. She invites you to discover and enjoy her. We are sure that Zakynthos will become a source of inspiration for you also!


Cantada in delight

Zakynthos town, with the paved squares and the picturesque streets is the starting point of the route.

Places of interest are the St. Dennis Church, the Catholic Church on San Marcus square, the Museum of Dionysios Solomos and distinguished Zakynthians, and the Post-Byzantine Museum. Don’t miss to visit Bohali, the highest point of the town with the Venetian fortress and breathtaking views towards every direction.

Moving away from the town, at about 10 km you will come across Machairado village, with the impressive church of Agia Mavra dating back in the 14th century.

Visit the local wineries for wine tasting and sampling of a broad selection of wines.

To enhance this culinary indulgence, escape to the great outdoors and discover top local tavernas serving traditional dishes like Rabbit in tomato sauce, Rooster cooked in wine and accompany your meal with the local wine Augoustiatis.

The route continues south-east towards the provincial road of Padokratoras - Katastari and reaches Lagopodo village after 1 km.

It is worth making a stop at the Holy Monastery of Eleftherotria and explore the local family-owned traditional winery of the area.

You are likely to find yourself talking directly to the winemakers themselves who will guide you to the secrets of excellent quality wine.

Return to the provincial road Padokratoras - Katastari, drive through Mouzaki village and head towards Padokratoras, one of the largest villages of Zakynthos built at the foot of the mountain.

The homonymous church and the ruins of Sarakina mansion are definitely worth visiting. Should you feel like cooling off, go for a swim to the nearby popular Laganas Beach, the nesting home of Caretta – Caretta, boasting a 7km long sandy beach and shallow warm waters.

The world famous Lagana resort, also offers elegant international restaurants, incredibly idyllic open bars and a wide range of holiday rental properties suitable for all budgets.

Leaving Padokratoras behind, head for Lithakia village and make a stop at the family-run olive ecological press, featuring an olive oil museum which reveals the history of olive making on the island.

Taste and buy delicious varieties of pure virgin olive oil, and olives.

If you feel hungry, look for local tavernas, where you can get a taste of pure local cuisine.Try local recipes like “Stifado”, or “Skordostoubi”, and taste pure virgin olive oil, on freshly baked bread, ladotyri, pretza and the Zakynthian white wine Verdea.

The route continues northwest and reaches Kiliomeno. Wander through this picturesque village with the traditional houses some of which have been preserved from the 16th century search for the Agricultural Women’s Cooperative of Kiliomeno, where you can sample freshly baked bread as well as an excellent variety of savour and sweet local handmade delicacies.

Continue straight and drive along the coastline towards Ag. Leon, with magnificent views to the sea to inspire you along the way. Visit the traditional family run cheese factory and sample special varieties of local cheese.

Then, discover two well-hidden secrets of the island, Porto Roxa and Porto Limnionas. Two of the most beautiful breath-taking steep bays with the rugged landscapes and crystal aquamarine waters, a joy for swimmers and snorkelers alike.

If you feel hungry, choose any of the local tavernas and enjoy heavenly local specialties all cooked with pure virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables and the very best ingredients and products this floating paradise is blessed with.

Next stop of the route is Louha, a village that retains its local identity, despite the influences of tourism. Enjoy walking along the cobblestone streets in and around the village, leading to the Venetian wells and the famous stone windmill.

After about 5 km you will come across Agia Marina.

Visit Helmis Natural History Museum, displaying more than 1.500 samples from the impressive coastline to the wooded mountains and become more familiar with the main ecosystem units of the island. Before leaving the area, it’s worth making a stop at the traditional workshop of clothing and handicrafts.

Descending, you pass Drakas village, to eventually arrive to Skoulikado with the impressive church and the miraculous picture of St. Nickolas.

The Cultural Center of the village displaying photographs of local cultural events as well as a collection of theatrical costumes is also worth visiting.

Next stops on your route are the quaint villages of Agios Dimitrios, Psaraiika and Kallipado, one of the oldest wine growing regions and home to a boutique winery.

Continue towards Vanato and Gaitani to reach Kidoni, a traditional settlement built at the foot of the castle. Discover the boutique winery nestled in a farm with traditional guest houses.

Tour their cellar and enjoy unlimited tastings from exceptional wine varieties.

Complete your tour by heading back to Zakynthos town. Relax, unwind and admire the magnificent views of the city enjoying a “Frigania” dessert.