The route starts from the city of Veria, a circular 105 km itinerary that lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes by car (non-stop). It applies to guests with cultural interests, gastrotourists, wine tourists and winter sports enthusiasts. It is worth visiting in all four seasons.

Don’t miss to visit the capital city of the prefecture, the city of Veria. There, it is worth visitng the old city areas of Barbuta and Kyriotissa, St. Paul’s altar. Also, make a stop in the city of Naousa where you can visit the ‘Sacrifice Area’ (Arapitsa rock) dating back to the Greek Revolution, the wineries and the distilleries during the distillation period. During the carnival period (40 days before Easter), many festivals and celebrations take place in the streets of the city. The most interesting performance is that of ‘Genitsari and Boules’, which has its roots back to days when Greece was under the Ottoman rule.

«Visit the monastery of ‘Panagia Soumela’ (in the village of Kastania), a worldwide pilgrimage place for people with origins from the Pontus area, where the icon of ‘Panagia’ (Virgin Mary) made by Luke the Evangelist is conserved.

At the Ski Resorts of ‘Seli’ and ‘Tria Pente Pigadia’ you can either enjoy the snow during the winter period or the wonderful landscape of mountain Vermio during the other seasons.

In the village Yiannakochori you can find the largest vineyard area and the beautiful gorge of Krasta, a wonderful hiking trail amidst forests and streams with several rest stations built by the locals. A tour guide might be necessary for the following sights: the ‘School of Aristotle’, the Macedonian Royal Tombs at Vergina and the surrounding area of Lefkadia and Kopanos. In the village Trilofo visit the Church of St. Tryphon, patron saint of winegrowers and browse wineries and equestrian center. At the village of Trilofo don’t forget to visit the Church of St. Triphon, the patron saint of winemakers and take a tour at the wineries and the horse riding club.

Taste boar, fried ‘batzos’ cheese, wine, ‘tsipouro’ and ‘ravani’ in the guesthouses of your choice in Veria, Koumaria, Seli, Naousa and Strantza.

You can also buy local products in Veria, Naousa and Trilofo.

During the journey you can have a go at alternative activities such as agrotourism, skiing, wine-tasting courses and also, enjoy yourselves during the distillation period of ‘kazanemata’ and the carnival period. Recommended lodgings can be found in Veria, Seli, Naousa and Arkochori.