1st DAY: Discovering Veria

Arrival and arrangement at the hotel. The acquaintance with the historic city of Veria and its cultural treasures is the first pleasant surprise of the journey. The tour starts with visiting at the museums of the town (archaeological, byzantine, folklore museum of Vlach, Vlahogianneio museum). After that we ΊΙ walk at the old quarters of Veria, Kiriotissa where we will admire byzantine and after byzantine churches and Barbouta where there is one of the most well maintaining Hebrew settlement with the synagogue. Then will visit the well-known Apostle Paul's altar, the unique ascertaining place from all the others that he passed. Next to it there is an old turkish mosque. At the noon will eat in a tavern of your choice where we will meet the kitchen of Veria. We should not forget to taste beans in the oven and sausages. For dessert we'll go at Saint Antonio's square to buy revani that is made since 1886 (it is the most well-known desert of Veria). The afternoon is dedicated at Veria's market that has got a lot and unique products. More specifically, we'll visit dairy product shops and we will taste different kinds of cheese like smoked cheese, batzos, feta and we will shop traditional products. Free time for food and entertainment. Staying over night. If we are there during Christmas we can participate in different cultural events.

2nd DAY: Trilofos, Naoussa, Strantza, Gorge of Krasta

We will leave right after the breakfast and we'll drive to Naoussa, the second largest city in Imathia, which is known for the production of its deep red wine of the variety “Xinomavro”. Our first destination is village Trilofos one of the oldest villages in Imathia. We'll visit Saint Trifona’s church, who is the protector of the viniculture and then we will visit wine factories of the region and we'll taste different wines. From there we will leave to Naoussa, where out of the town we'll enjoy unique cooking, a gastronomic experience. We'll cook under the guidance of a chef and we'll relish the result with wonderful wines. After lunch we'll continue the tour with visiting, sightseeing and wine tasting at the wine factories of Naoussa. Next destination is Strantza, where we will visit two more wine factories and we will taste the variety of Xinomavro with some mezedes. We'll continue to Giannakohori, where will admire the wonderful vineyard of the region. We'll visit Moni of Prodrom into the forest of beech and then we will make a stop to other two wine factories to see the cellars, to taste more unique varieties of wine and buy some of them. We'll stay at the village for a walk and for dinner, to a traditional tavern, where we'll taste local specialties. If we are in Giannakohori spring or/and summer a tour of the gorge of Krastas will compensate us, walking amongst the rocks, the rich vegetation and the water. The period between October and December is unique if you want to visit some distilleries of tsipouro that are working to the whole wine zone with cultivation of Xinomavro. From there we'll return to Veria, to spend the night. During Christmas or Carnival we can participate in many cultural events that are happening in a lot of regions.

3rd DAY: At the outskirts of Naoussa

After are having our breakfast we'll start our tour at Naoussa. Our first station is the Wine and Vineyard Museum for our information about the viniculture and vinification tradition from the 17th century until now and the history of Naoussa's tsipouro. We'll visit markets with traditional products, fruit sweets, marmalades, canned fruit, liqueurs, wines, dairy products, cooked pork meat etc. An unforgettable experience in Naoussa are the demonstrations about the wine and the culture that are taking place the whole year. Next stop is an ancient city, Mieza and Aristotle’s school, where the great philosopher taught (according to the history) Alexander the Great. Then we'll return to Veria. Some kilometers out of Veria we'll visit a local factory which produces fruit sweets, marmalades, canned fruit, liqueurs, wines, dairy products, cooked pork meat etc. Our next destination is village Asomata, where we'll make a short stop to enjoy the view of the lake. The lake except from the others is a very important habitat. In Asomata we can have lunch while there is an opportunity for rest and coffee. Before we stop at the small village Ammos to visit a business that manufactures perfumed plants and herbs we can visit at the village Saint Barbara the Museum of Education. After that, we'll drive to Rizomata one of the most beautiful villages not only of the area of the whole Macedonia. While we are there we will have our lunch in a traditional tavern, releshing on local tastes. Specialties of the area are meatballs, cutlets, kokoretsi, pork with aubergines and boiled goat stew. While we will continue to Daskio we will drive to lake Logga, one of the most beautiful and largest lake of the region. We'll stop at the harbor which is made of stone, to relax and enjoy the unique view by the river. After that will come back to Veria. Free time for walk and shops. Staying over night.

4th DAY: Saint Barbara, Vergina, Neokastro, New Prodrom, Metohi Prodromou, Aliakmon’s Dam.

After we have our breakfast we'll leave for Vergina. Before that, we will make a brief stop to Saint Barbara to visit the museum of education which is operating there. Then we arrive to Vergina, (ancient Aiges), a unique archaeological place of international brilliance and fame, point of destination of each visitor to North Greece. The city was built during the 7th century and it developed into a political and religious capital of Macedonia people. Here we will admire the royal tombs, one of them belongs to King Filippos II (father of Alexander the Great). Next stop is the village of Neokastro, there we'll visit the monastery of Ilia the Prophet where large numbers of visitors gather. Next destination New Prodrom where we'll seat for food and we will relish traditional tastes from Asian minorities and Black Sea influences. After the lunch we will come back to Veria. On the way we will stop out of the village Metohi Prodromou in a property with a vineyard we can visit, where we'll wonder and we'll taste different kinds of wines. We can also walk at Aliakmon’s dam, the longest river in Greece where we will have the ability to enjoy a scenery of unique beauty. Then we'll come back to Veria. Free time for a walk shops, dinner and entertainment. Staying over night.

5th DAY: Departure

Breakfast at the hotel. There will be free time for a last walk and for shops.