With gate entrance the Egnatia road, from Veria we will start our trip, early in the morning. Our destination is Naoussa and the first stop is a visit to the Wine and Vine museum we can admire the exhibits we can also be informed about the vineyard and winery tradition, and the productive process. We'll make a short walk at the market of the town to see the local products and to shop. Right after we'll go Saint Nikola's Grove, this region belongs to the Natura's network. Here we'll have free time to rest and relax in an environment of great beauty full of trees and water. We can wonder in the grove, we can drink coffee by the gurgling water and we can also see the unique phenomenon of the sources and the creation of the Arapitsa river. We can visit the homonym church and the center of the environmental education. Our next destination is the skiing centre, 3-5 Pigadia, at 2005 m of altitude.

If we are there during winter we can test our abilities at skiing. The advanced skiers can practice, while the beginners can have ski lessons. For those who don't prefer to test their abilities at skiing, they may just relax by drinking coffee, hot chocolate or tsipouro with a view to the great snowy scenery. You can visit in this region throughout the whole year, but during summer is a real oasis of coolness. From there only in the summer months we can drive to Seli through a unique forest macadamized road. For the rest of the year we suggest the asphalt road through Saint Nikolas, Grammeni and Seli. Wandering and enjoying a really mountainous village, which has only 100 habitants during winter but 15000 during summer. We are coming back to Veria and at noon we will stop for lunch in Koumaria, a very beautiful village that preserves the Macedonian architecture and it is known for the cattle products. Ask to eat kinigi (hunt). Then we will visit the monastery of Panagia Soumela which is a place of adoration for the people from the Black Sea. Evangelist Lucas' icon of the Holly Mother is kept there. From there we will continue to Veria, where we will have free time in the afternoon for a walk. It is worth walking at the old quarters of Veria, Kiriotissa where we will admire byzantine and after byzantine churches and Barbouta where there is one of the most well maintaining Hebrew settlement with the synagogue. Then we will visit the well- known Apostle Paul's altar, the unique ascertaining place from all the others that he passed. Next to it, there is an old turkish mosque. We should not forget to go to Saint Antonio’s square to buy revani which is the most well-known desert of Veria. We should visit dairy product shops and we will taste different kinds of cheese like smoked cheese and batzos. In one of the plenty taverns we can enjoy a wonderful dinner. We can spend the night either in Veria or in Naoussa or we can also go back to Thessaloniki. During Christmas or/and Carnival we can participate in a lot of cultural events that happen in different areas